Bella Vista: 02 8824 8088

Mosman: 02 9969 1633

Bella Vista: 02 8824 8088

Mosman: 02 9969 1633

When was your last skin check?

If you believe you have a suspicious lesion that requires urgent evaluation, please contact our secretary and ask for a Spot Check Priority appointment. Spot checks are possible at the Norwest Rooms only.

You will be asked to identify the single lesion that you are concerned about and we will aim to arrange a time that is set aside each day by each doctor for evaluation of a single suspicious lesion.

This will fast track any patient who has a lesion of concern, and generally we will be able to see these patients within a few days.

Please note that these appointments are not for a full skin examination, which usually takes 15 to 30 minutes.

Did You Know...

Skin cancers account for 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers.

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