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When was your last skin check?

Solariums are chambers that contain artificial light sources that emit UV-A and UV-B radiation. They are designed so that people may lie in them and have the entire skin exposed for a period of time in order to induce a tan. Unfortunately this causes a significant amount of skin damage at the same time and increases the risk of skin cancer by up to 75%. Some solariums emit more UV radiation in 20 minutes than the total dose of UV radiation that a person would receive at Bondi Beach during an entire day in the middle of summer.

If you need your skin to look brown, then apply a fake-tan from a bottle. Whilst fake-tanning products do not protect the skin, at least they do not cause any damage.

solarium-2The Skin Cancer Foundation (New York) has a catch phrase to “Go with your own Glow”. This is to encourage people to accept and be proud of their natural skin colour, and avoid following the old fashioned custom of wanting to be tanned.

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When you tan, whether by the sun or solariums, you increase your risk of skin cancer as well as accelerate the visible signs of ageing.


A tan is the skin’s cry for help.

There is no such thing as a healthy tan.

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Skin cancers account for 80% of all newly diagnosed cancers.

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